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The first section of the application has been removed in the interest of maintaining player privacy

2) What type of character are you applying for? FC, OFC, Established OC, or Rookie OC? (in case you missed it, FCs and OFCs are generally held to slightly higher standards due to their high profile, high demand nature)


3) Fill in the following fields.

Name: Your character's name

Date of Birth: When was your character born? (Just count back from 2051 to get the correct year for your character's age)

Race: What species is your character? Human, Zentran/Meltran, Zolan, some hybrid of two of the three?

Faction: What faction does your character belong to? (UN Spacy, Anti-UN, Mercenary, Pirate, or Civilian)

Function: What does your character do? Pilot, Ship Captain, Doctor, Asshole rock star (yes we're looking at you Basara!)

Rank: What is your character's rank? (if applicable)

Wealth: Indicate what wealth rating you'd like your character to have as explained in Economy. Anything over 5 will need a decent amount of justification

Quote: Give us a quote your character is likely to use, just a simple tag-line to sum them up. see: "Listen to my song!"

Profile: Give us a paragraph about your character. Their profile should contain a very brief history as well as a couple points about their personality. Sure she might be something to look at, but no heart.

Name: Elizabeth Jade
Date of Birth: April 4, 2033
Race: Human/Meltran Hybrid
Faction: UN Spacey
Function: Pilot
Rank: Ensign
Wealth: 5

Quote: “Look, I don't care what you think. I don't care who you think you are. All I care about is if you want me to kick your ass now or later.”

Profile: Her father was Human. Her mother was Meltran. And unfortunately for Elizabeth Jade (or just 'Jade' as she prefers to be called), she lost both of them at a very early age. After their deaths, she ended up spending years being bounced around from one lackluster (at best) foster home to another, until finally she was adopted by a former UN Spacey officer who had served with her father. This officer in turn adopted her, and helped inspire her to join the UN Spacey herself. Her natural abilities lead to her becoming a variable fighter pilot, and her being assigned as a pilot aboard the New Horizon Fleet as soon as she finished her pilot training. To those that don't know her that well though, Jade tends to come off as a cocky, hothead who with some anti-social tendencies. And to be honest, in some ways, that's not far off the mark. The truth is though, even if Jade could be considered 'damaged goods', to those who do get to know her well, she's a steadfast friend who'd rather risk her own life rather than let anything happen that could hurt a friend or anyone she's sworn to protect. Few people realize that her brash attitude and quick temper exist in large part to cover up her own insecurities. Hopefully these personality issues will change over time, especially since she now has a chance to have a more 'normal' social environment...

4) Tell us about your character's personality. What makes them who they are, their general mannerisms, their outlook on life in space, how they view other factions/races and all that juicy stuff. Also tell us why you feel that others would want to RP with your character in particular.

Elizabeth Jade (or just 'Jade' as she prefers to be called) is not an easy person to get to know. She has anger issues. She's got some self confidence issues (outside of the cockpit at least). She's got issues when it comes to getting to know people and how to act around people that she doesn't know that well. But, to the few people that do get to know her well, Jade isn't that bad of a person.

Her self confidence and socialization issues stem from her parent dieing at an early age, mixed with her being bounced from foster home to foster home while growing up. This has left her with deep seated feelings of people not wanting her around. And while people like her adoptive father and her former foster parents (who live next door to her father) have managed to lessen these feelings, they still exist. Likewise, by bouncing around as much as she did growing up, she never really had a chance to make any sort of friendships that could last (in fact she was more often than not the subject of teasing, ridicule, and bullying due to her mixed heritage).

Her anger issues likewise come from these same factors, and lead to her venting on the world around her that she felt could only treat her this way, by treating everything around her like she felt she was being treated. Likewise her foster parents and adoptive father have dulled this a bit, but when thrown into new situations with few, if any people she knows, this tends to flare up.

Because of these things, when she's in the one place where people have flat out told her she does good, the cockpit of a fighter, she tends to let her anger and other emotions to push her in a way that at times may appear to be insane to those that don't know Jade that well. To those that do know Jade, they quickly realize that this is her way to try and prove that she's good for something, and to release her emotions in a way that won't hurt people (either mentally or physically) who aren't the enemy (whether they deserve to be beaten to a pulp or not).

Probably the only thing that really calms jade down is playing the violin, an instrument that she is pretty good at, but at the same time is generally afraid to play publicly because she fears the ridicule she'd get because of other people thinking she's not that good. Never mind that she's been playing it for years now. Never mind the fact that the second teacher she had at it, a man who actually played the violin for a living in an orchestra, said she had a lot of natural talent with it, she's still afraid of people telling her that she's not good at it.

It is because of that fear, and the fear that anyone she gets close to will leave her, like her parents and the few friends she made in her time in foster care, will leave her that she's actually quite vulnerable emotionally. Of course few people know that, especially when you factor in how angry she tends to be most of the time. Or at least how angry she appears to be most of the time. In other words, she tries to use her anger as a bit of armor to keep herself from being emotionally hurt by other people who may end up leaving her, or may end up trying to mentally and emotionally hurt her.

To those that do know her well, Jade is a steadfast friend. To be blunt, once she considers herself someones friend, she'd rather die than willingly do anything that could hurt a friend on any level. On top of that, once she considers someone a friend, she'd rather risk her life, no matter how dangerous something is to her own well being, than let a friend risk their own life. Unfortunately the people who consider themselves her friend are few and far between.

There are some things though that puzzle Jade. For example, the AUN is something that she just has trouble wrapping her head around. Her understanding of the past is that humanity was at war with itself non-stop, mainly due to political and religious differences. The UN Government though helped end these endless wars. Sure the threat of the Zentradi did help in the early days (even when they didn't know who the Zentradi were), but the UN itself helped keep the peace. Hence why anyone would want to destroy the UN and possibly return to that chaos is something she can't understand.

Mercenaries, Pirates, and Mega-corporations on the other hand she understands a little too well. Simply put in her opinion, these guys are just in it for the money. It doesn't matter if you're a pilot selling their services, or the company that makes VFs. As far as Jade can tell, they're just in it for the cash.

The Zentradi and Meltrani on the other hand are almost complete blanks. Sure, she's met a few of them in her lifetime. And sure she's heard some things about them, like how males and females traditionally never served together, or even physically got close to the other gender. But for the most part, she doesn't feel like she has enough first hand experience with them to form an opinion.

The Zolan, even when compared to the Zentradi, are an even bigger blank. She never met one before joining the UNS, and since then she's only really seen a few at a distance before her assignment to the new Horizon.

As a player, I feel that people would want to RP with Jade for several reasons. To some, it might be because she comes off as a brash hot head with a high opinion of herself that needs to be put in her place, especially since she's a rookie. To others it might be because she's trying to learn about the Zentradi and Meltrans, hence a chance for them to have a chance to just have some social RP while explaining things to her about them. To still others, especially those that learn her back story, there may be a chance for RP as they try and help her fit in better and over come some of her perceived emotional problems. To other characters of mixed race, there's the chance for RP where the characters explore the novelty of meeting another mixed race character. With Zolans there's the chance to I interact with someone who has practically no preconceived notions of Zolans. There's the chance for AUN players to explain why the AUN might be better than the UN, since Jade doesn't see it that way. For mercenaries and pirates, there's the chance of RP where they explain to Jade that they're not doing what they do for money or other selfish reasons. For characters who are musicians, there's the opportunity to talk music with another character, and possibly even play music together. For people who out rank her, there's the possibility of RP where they try to helpfully break her of her 'bad habits' and train her up to be a better pilot. And of course there's always that slim chance that somewhere, down the road, that someone might want to RP with Jade because they've come into things as an outsider, and she can help them fit in better (that is if she ever truly finds a way to fit in herself first).

5) Explain your character's history to us. What got them started doing what they're doing, why did they come out to the butt-end of nowhere to join the Horizon Fleet. OCs largely have free reign so long as they stick within Macross canon. FCs need to remain accurate to their canon-stated history, the only deviation allowed is that critical reason of "why are they on Horizon?". OFCs need only remain within the bounds of the profile info we've been so kind to provide you. :P

The story of Elizabeth Jade actually begins back in 2009, well before she was born, when Earth was attacked and humanity was nearly killed off. In this attack, Elizabeths father, a five year old human male who later would legally change his name to Kevin Jade, lost his entire family, save his younger sister, Sarah. In the aftermath, they both would be adopted by separate families and would never see each other again. In the years that followed, Kevin grew up, joined UN Spacey as a mechanic who specialized in variable fighters, met and married a Meltran named Dischord (a UN Spacey hand to hand combat instructor at the officers academy), and served under one Commander Hank Richards. Finally, on April 4, 2033, Kevin and Dischord had a daughter.

Unfortunately, on July 14, 2035, while on a family vacation, there was an accident. The car that the Jade family was driving got hit by another car, driven by a drunk driver, resulting in the death of not only the driver of the second car, but also Elizabeths family. When no living family members could be found, or stepped forward to claim Elizabeth, she ended up going into 'the system'. In other words, foster care.

(As an apper I feel that I must say here that not every foster kid ends up in a situation like this, in fact most foster parents and families are loving and caring, but at the same time they don't always make the best drama for a characters background)

Unfortunately for Elizabeth, she did not end up in the best situations in regards to foster families. The families that did treat her fairly, if not with a certain amount of love, were few, and far between, and usually she was with them for under a month. On the other hand, the people that shouldn't of had her, either because they were bigoted against her mixed heritage or her mothers race, thus they treated her as less than human, or were only in taking foster kids as a way to get free cash from the government (which in turn they'd use for themselves, while treating the kids like they were dirt) were more common for Elizabeth. By the time she was 8 years old she was jaded with the world and didn't care what people thought of her. At 9 she'd taken up to having people just call her 'Jade' and was going out of her way to make her foster families lives miserable. At 10 she'd become a complete loner from everyone at any school that she went to, in part because she knew she wouldn't be there long enough to make friends, and in part because she knew that the other kids would just make fun of her due to her obvious mixed heritage. And by the time she was 11 she'd already had several brushes with the law, but due mainly to luck, had managed to avoid juvie. In fact, it wasn't until the day before her 12th birthday that Jades luck with foster families really started to change.

On the day before her 12th birthday, she ended up yet again getting a new foster family. While this family itself was loving, Jade was so much of a handful, going out of her way to chaos pure havoc and destruction, that the family was considering trying to get Jade out of their lives. If it hadn't been for the fact that Jade was caught by this families neighbor, a retired UN Spacey officer, trying to break into his house to get money, odds are this family would have been able to pull it off. Instead, this officer, upon catching her, asked her what she wanted the money for. When Jade admitted that she didn't know, didn't care, and was doing it so she could have something to do in a way that would tick people off, he laughed and gave her the money. In fact, as she started to leave from this encounter, the former officer said something along the lines of 'I remember how a young officer I once knew met the Meltran he eventually married when she did something similar to just piss him off'. Upon hearing that statement, Jade was caught mentally and emotionally off guard.

The next day, almost before the sun came up, Jade returned to the neighbors house, and returned the money. In turn she asked to hear more about the mechanic the retired officer had worked with, and the Meltran in question. He spent the whole day just telling stories about them, and also a few of his own exploits. In fact, it wasn't until the very end of the name that they exchanged names (up until this point he only knew her as Jade). It turned out that this man was Hank Richards, and he had known both of Elizabeths parents. This didn't instantly end Jades bad behavior, in fact she had a lot of pent up angst in regards to how her parents left her 'alone in the universe'. But because of the attention that Hank gave her, the fact he constantly drove her to better herself, and the support (if not love) of her foster family, she started to straighten out. It was Hank who even started giving Jade violin lessons, less than a month after they met, and told her about how her father had learned to play to help him woo her mother, and about how he proposed marriage for Dischord while playing it for her. Just after Jade turned 15, she was legally adopted by Hank. She still had a lot of issues, namely in the form of anger and generally not being the most sociable person around, but she was no longer on a course to self destruct like she had been years before. There was a brief bump in this getting better when she was 16, when she found out, and met her aunt (an almost insanely bigoted woman who hates any and all aliens, and blames them for the death of her family, and could never believe that an alien like Jade could be related to her). Finally, when she turned 18 she joined UN Spacey, partially out of memory for her parents, but also to try and impress her adoptive father. Upon joining her testing indicated that she had a natural aptitude for flying, and she was put through the proper training programs. In turn, upon graduation from said program, she was placed in the New Horizon Fleet as a rookie pilot (it's not something she volunteered for, but instead was flat out assigned).

6) Optional: Do you have a long-term plan for your character? This isn't something you absolutely must share, but if you've some manner of intended outcome to happen for your character down the road (aside from "being the best <blah> in the colony fleet!") then telling us now will make it easier for the admin to either help you work towards that goal, or adjust it to clear up any conflicts with existing theme, etc.

As a player, I only have one goal for Jade. That goal is to have fun. ICly Jade has the goal to eventually become a fighter squadron commander, possibly even a wing commander, and if possible, get more first hand information in regards to her mothers people (since she knows her fathers due to her growing up among humans). If possible, she wouldn't mind living with the Meltran for a while, but she wouldn't do that if it meant betraying her oath to serve, protect, and defend that she gave upon joining UN Spacey.

"Luck is one of my skills." "I know, that's what's got me so worried."

7) Now for the tricky part. Time to pick out your starting Stats and Skills. There is one theme you're going to see over and over here: be reasonable. While we don't have hard-set point totals there are some basic limitations please observe them. Admin have final say on this area, the more discretion you show the more likely we are to not change what you request.

FCs - Pick what reasonably reflects your character's abilities. For instance: while Max might warrant a 10 in piloting, Hikaru Ichijo does not.

OFCs - Your primary and secondary skills are already determined. You can however select tertiary skills to add a personal touch to your chose character.

Established OCs - You have the most flexibility here so long as you don't try to cap every single ability. The maximum you can request for any one given stat/skill at this time is 8. Bear in mind: if you want to "dual class" and specialize in two fields, you need to determine which one is favored over the other or have both fields be fairly mediocre if neither is a true focus.

Rookie OCs -You're a bit more limited currently. For physical stats: Humans are allowed one attribute at 5 while the remainder have a max of 4. Pure Zentradi may push either Strength, Endurance, or Intelligence to 6 provided they subtract 1 point from a secondary field. Zolans may do the same with Spirit.
-Rookie OCs may pick 2 primary skills to place at rank 5, you can select 5 secondary skills to be at rank 4, tertiary skills currently don't have a hard limit to what you can request. Again - be reasonable.

Strength – 3
Dexterity – 5
Endurance – 4
Intelligence – 4
Spirit – 3

Defense – 4
Dodging – 4
Firearms – 3
Melee Weapons – 2
Running – 2
Leaping – 2

Driving – 3
Navigation – 4
Sensors – 4
Piloting – 5
Gunnery – 5
Musical Instruments – 4 (This is for her Violin playing)

Computers – 2
Mechanical – 2
Gambling – 1
Artistry – 1
Fishing – 1

8) OFCs and FCs: Please include a sample pose for your character. Keep it no more than two paragraphs in length and not a combat pose. We like depth of character outside of battle as well y'know! :P The extra stuff

As an OC, I don't think I have to answer this question. ;)

9) If you require specialty equipment of some manner please list it here. VFs, a new room added to the grid (not player housing), etc. Note on Vehicles: If you request a vehicle that we don't already have a stat profile for you'll be expected to provide one. Admin have the right to edit or even outright refuse the profile you provide if it's deemed too outlandish or not fitting for the machine. Good vehicle profiles can be found at . Currently full blown custom VFs are not allowed at application.

Just the basic VF that any UN Spacey Rookie OC pilot would get.

10) If there's anything else about your character you'd like to add, please put it here.

Sorry, I think I've said everything I've had to say.

And that's it! You're done! Finito! Complete! Mail your completed application to and use the following subject: "Macross Character Application - <Character Name> - OC/FC/OFC". Once again, please wait up to seven days for your application to be processed before poking staff regarding it.