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Here is a listing of all the OFC characters that exist on the MUSH. All of these characters are open for application so long as a TAKEN tag is not adjacent to their name. The basic guidelines for picking up an OFC can be found in the Character Types and Character Application pages on the main site.

The profiles given are only a basic skeleton. What the admin staff are looking for in applicants for these roles are people who can take what we've given and build on it. Yes, we have some idea of where we'd like to see them go, but truthfully what we're seeking for is to be pleasantly surprised. So long as you stay within the confines of the skeleton we provide you're welcome to be as creative as you wish with any remaining details.

OFCs are not available to first time applicants as they offer a substantial advantage over other characters in terms of resources and the like. Players interested in picking up one of these characters are encouraged to apply for a Rookie OC or Established OC first to demonstrate their ability as players before seeking to pick up an OFC.

Lastly: All OFC characters are subject to a permanent probation period. Admin reserve the right to immediately remove a player from one of these roles should they be abusing it. Remember: With great power comes great responsibility!

UN Characters

Command Staff

Support Staff

Ruby Force


Ogre Squadron

AUN Characters


Command Staff

Support Staff

Zephyr Squadron

Special Operations


  • Captain Noah - Fachead

Renegade Zentradi

Pirate Characters

Mercenary Characters

SMS Characters

Civilian Characters

Horizon News Network

Pirate Radio

Major NPCs

New Supervision Army