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A majority of the MUSH's player base elect to make and upkeep character profiles. These profiles contain information as mundane as personal interests to complete backgrounds and military service records. For new players, we suggest using these profiles as a means to see what Original Feature Characters are available to apply for and/or as a source of inspiration should you choose to make an Original Character. For simplicity, the characters are organized according to type rather than faction.

Ready to apply for a character? The application is only a click away and will help you refine your character concept!

Application Example

Everyone has worries about applications - be it a job application or a game's character application. To help, a past character application has been selected to provide an idea of what a "very good" character application ought to look like. The character in question is a Rookie OC, but the basic premis extends to all character types. As an added perk, we've shamelessly borrowed the life path table from the Mekton system.


To those making pages: A "Character Commentary" section should be provided at the bottom of the article. This is meant as a semi-IC tongue-in-cheek commentary from other characters. Please be sure to denote which of your characters is providing the commentary, and provide a link to your user name on this Wiki. If someone requests you to take down the commentary, honor the request.