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While the admin do their best to cover everything in the news files, sometimes it isn't enough and people have questions. Unfortunately Xeero has an allergic reaction to questions and answering the same thing more than once often ends with a harmless furry creature being violently destroyed. As per his probation this FAQ has been setup to answer these questions for newcomers as well as address any new questions that should arise and keep confusion to a minimum. Enjoy!

Oh, don't give us that look!


Why are my physical stats calculated along with my skills when doing vehicle skillchecks?

  • Well there's a couple answers for this. The first and most important one to get out of the way is this: This. Is. A. Game. Not everything will match your perception of how dice rolls should match RL abilities. In this case it boils down to diversity. If it was solely your skills and the VF stats there'd be far less diversity between different players than if we didn't have it. That said if this isn't sufficient explanation look at it this way: If you take two pilots of equal skill and knowledge, but one is superior physically he will win. If he can see farther he can react faster, if his reflexes are quicker again he'll deal with incoming threats sooner, if he can tolerate more G-forces/handle them for longer he'll tire out and outmaneuver his opponent. Catch the idea?

Why is (insert stat) used for (insert skill) instead of (insert stat #2)?

  • Like the above situation, it comes down to diversity. Originally Dexterity was used to determine both piloting and gunnery, and while it certainly made sense, this setup led to Dexterity becoming the only stat that Pilots need worry about, so in the interest of keeping people from being able to focus solely on one stat they now need to keep tab of a couple.

So why does the VF-5000 have the same speed stat as the VF-11C when it's specs are roughly halved?

  • Our bad here. SOMEONE *eyes Xeero* skimmed over a couple critical details when setting up the starting gear for rookie characters. As a result the "minor" (see roughly half the performance) discrepancy was only noticed recently. That said, much like what we see with the VF-25, what is demonstrated for the '5000 versus what's listed on paper are two different things. For the sake of not getting murdered by the website designer by asking him to change the graphics for the '5000's entry instead we're going to claim a series of third party modifications, different from the official specs, have improved the '5000 to be roughly comparable to the VF-11C. Again, sorry for the confusion!

-See, this is why I keep saying I'm going to make a system that can be edited by you. -Kawatta.


Why can't I play (character)?

  • The main qualifier for using an existing character from Macross is that they can be plausibly present on Horizon. Certain characters like Max and Miriya aren't likely to leave their current places unless they're reassigned for some obscure reason (no this excuse won't work). In other cases, a character is dead, and this isn't Marvel/DC. :P We may also have plans for certain characters. The character you want may also be considered high profile by the admin and you've not yet reached a point where we'd feel comfortable letting you pick up some characters. In those cases the door isn't permanently shut, but it means you'd need to prove your merits through a different character first. And of course, it's generally a bad idea to roll into a MUSH and ask to play some of the most notable canon characters right off the bat. :P

So how big are the Fleets present here?

  • Short answer: As big as we need them to be. Really we do intend to get a proper finite number out there, but these things take time, especially since most of the admin here STINK with coming up with names for major craft. For those even more obsessive than us on these matters, assistance is always welcome if you'd like to contribute :)

There are a couple ships in the Horizon fleet that don't show up officially.

  • Yep! These are strictly OC designs, they were mostly made on the premise of adding a little more diversity to the main grid so people had a few more location types to use for scenes. Detailed info for these ships will show up on the Wiki whenever Xeero stops being lazy.

I have a really cool VF design, can I use it?

  • In short: No. To get more in depth: No, not yet. At this stage we're sticking as close to purely canon machines as possible. We DO have plans to, for a limited period, open up for OC designs, etc. but this will be, again, limited. The details for this will be posted on the MUSH when that time comes.

Frontier is out now, why did you set the game in 2051?

  • There's a number of reasons for this, bear in mind that the admin actually like Frontier. That said, there's a lot of inconsistencies and what we view as poor design choices that cropped up within the series that turned us off from it as a MUSH setting. Things like the NUNS restructuring seemingly sapping the last bit of competence from the military, the relative defensibility of Frontier as a fleet, or the discrepancies between what something is stated to be capable of on paper but never suitably demonstrates it in the show and so forth just leave us turned off to adopting the theme that fully. Despite this, however, there ARE elements of Frontier that have/will show up during the course of the MUSH because they are good for RP, or they impress/amuse us.

So does that mean at some point I can get a VF-25 or VF-27?

  • No. No matter how you slice it those VF's don't take flight for another 6-ish years from where the MUSH is set.

Why is there such a huge gap between the Early History and the Horizon Fleet history files?

  • The Early History was written with someone totally new to Macross in mind. The general assumption is someone that new to the series likely wouldn't try to pick up a character that is exceptionally high profile right away. Not counting the games, we left out Flashback 2012, Do You Remember Love?, the Macross Plus OVA, and Macross 7. The events of the latter two, while much closer to where we are in the timeline are also dealing with events that would largely become military secrets so we decided to use the opportunity to trim the fat and spare you new folks a little reading.

Additional Info

Well screw you! I want to find out more about those anyways! Where can I get them?

Had enough yet?
  • Awesome! Well sadly of all those listed, only Macross Plus was formally released outside Japan. DYRL was released (and poorly dubbed) as Invasion of the Bioroids some years back and is nigh impossible to find now. Flashback 2012 is mostly a musical recount of the previous series with only a few new sequences added so you're not missing much. Macross 7 likewise hasn't been formally translated so you'll either have to import it (if you can understand Japanese), or find a translated synopsis online. Similarly, the games that add new story - Macross M3, and VF-X 1 and 2 - were never released here. There ought to be a synopsis out there for these games as well.

I've only seen Robotech, why do I hardly recognize these names?

  • Well by now it's largely common knowledge that Robotech was actually three separate series smushed together, with Macross being the first. Much of it has remained intact but some aspects were renamed/added/removed to suit the needs of Harmony Gold.
  • Some examples (Robotech on the left, Macross on the right):
    • Rick Hunter = Hikaru Ichijo
    • Max Sterling = Max Jenius
    • Ben Dixon = Hayao Kakizaki
    • Roy Folker = Roy Fokker
    • Khyron = Quamzin (pronounced Kamjim) Kravshera
    • Breetai = Vrlitwhai (prononced as Breetai) Kridanik
    • Robotech Masters = Nonexistent
    • Reflex Weapons = Reaction Weapons
    • Protoculture = Not a power source, but an alien race responsible for the creation of humanity. Presumed to be the first race to attain culture. Also created the Zentradi for the sake of proxy warfare.
    • The basic events are largely the same, though a few things differ here as well, one of the more notable ones being that the Macross is actually only heavily damaged by Quamzin's suicied attack, not destroyed as was claimed in Robotech.

Where else can I go for more information to help me in playing my character?

  • Well a website that has served the admin well, and we've plugged at least once on the main site is Daniel Henwood's UN Spacy Database. While the stats are geared for tabletop campaigns the rest of the info is about as accurate as any fan-site can hope to get. It's not the only site out there, but certainly one of the best (even better since they shared their resources for here!).

When are people normally online?

With most of our playerbase typically in central or eastern timezones the place doesn't normally pickup til middle to late evening most nights. That said if you want to see an overall breakdown of what's happening you can head to this website and see a lengthier breakdown:

When do events normally happen?

While we try to have some manner of RP happening as frequently as possible, most major scenes are planned and announced about a week in advance on the in-game bulletin boards. We also endeavor to actively update an online calendar attached to the MUSH which can be viewed here: Calendar


To further help new and old players alike with things like MUSH commands and technical jargon we've also added a Glossary!