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This really ought to be self explanatory, but in the case it isn't here goes! From here you can access and submit logs pertaining to various RPs that take place on the MUSH. We've broken it down into a few different sections in order to hopefully avoid making any one page overly spammy (even if this does mean a crapload of links that you have to leaf through to get what you want!).

  • TP Logs - Logs pertaining to a specific TP that has been run or is running on the MUSH
  • Random Logs - Logs from scenes that aren't directly associated to a TP
  • Singles - One-off posts that usually deal with solo scenes or monologues.
  • Newsreels - Logs of previous showings from the Horizon News Network.
  • Crayfish Broadcasts - Logs of previous unedited shows from the Pirate DJ Crayfish or uncut interviews he has done.
  • Non-Canon Logs - Logs from non-canon, just for fun, scenes.
  • Timeline - A timeline of major events that have occurred on the MUSH since the Horizon Colony launched.


  • When submitting a log make sure to include at the top a synopsis of: When it happened, who was present, and what the scene entailed.