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A snapshot of several colony "islands".
Graphical representation of colonial expansion.
Welcome to Macross: New Horizon's Wiki!
What this wiki is:
What this wiki isn't:
  • This isn't intended to be a replacement for the main website. This means that, in general, there won't be any replication of pages. Should an article reference information from the website, there will be a link to the reference material.
  • In-game help files will not be replicated here. This is because there are multiple guest accounts within the game that have full access to our plethora of help and news files. We encourage all prospective players to connect to the game, read the file(s), and ask the players and staff questions.
Hey! You said player updated. Why can't I edit?!
  • This is due to multiple spam pages being created and extreme defacement of other pages. Because of that, this isn't a true, open wiki. To gain access to it, you need to contact the game admin. One of them (probably Xeero) will set you up with an account ASAP.
  • Please don't make joke edits save for the locations where it's stated it's alright to do so. This site is meant as a resource to new and existing players so the information provided needs to remain accurate.