We do not own any sort of rights in 'Macross' which is copyrighted to Big West, licensed in the US by Harmony Gold.

An even larger portion of our information and details come from the Macross Mecha Manual (http://www.macross2.net/m3/m3.html) and Mr. March, used with permission.

This is a non-profit fan work, meant to parody the actual Macross series.

All original, non-derivative characters; plots or original theme elements; RPs, logs, or descriptions; and themes are copyrighted to their individual creators.

By requesting a character for this MUSH you agree to the following:
1) That you are of at least 16 years of age.
2) That you will not use any aspect of the MUSH, its plotlines, or its characters for profit or any commercial use either directly or indirectly.
3) You agree to waive any potential liability of both the admin of this game and the owners of the server of liability for any sort of harm that occurs through this game, be it emotional or otherwise.
4) Termination of your character, voluntary or by ban, does not release you from this agreement.