Unorthodox Characters:

Every now and again someone gets an idea for a character that doesn't quite fit into the normal bounds for an appable character. For simplicity's sake we'll use cyborgs as an example. By this point in Macross' timeline cyborgs are becoming increasingly more commonplace. Primarily in the areas of prosthetic body parts, however some genuine cybernetically enhanced people exist, though these are strictly monitored. As a result they're generally going to be kept few and far between (not to mention a Rookie OC in this situation would likely have higher starting stats). Given how these sorts of characters often work out, its recommended you consult with a staffer before submitting your application. This doesn't guarantee anything save for increasing the likelihood of your idea being approved. Generally we won't approve these concepts as a first time character, preferring a player take up a more normal character to demonstrate their RP ability and their maturity in handling a character before approving something decidedly riskier.

Along the same vein: there may be times that arise to warrant the appearance of an FC from canon Macross that otherwise would not normally be present with the horizon fleet. People interested in taking up these characters will be notified of the openings and a quick-application form will be provided to play these FCs. However, these characters will be temporary only (unless something REALLY wonky happens).