Simply put: The server is in the US, most of the core players speak English as either a first or second language. All the news files, room descs, etc. are in English. What does this mean? We expect you to speak English please. OOCly this is a hard enforced rule. It's generally disrespectful to talk publicly in a language nobody else understands as it excludes them from the conversation. ICly plays out a little differently. Macross is an anime series, and as such many characters have catch phrases that only retain their impact when spoken in Japanese. This is fine. Alternatively you may have a character who can ICly speak other languages and toss it in for flavor from time to time. This is also fine. However, at any point if you have a character speaking in another language and are actually OOCly typing in that language, you are expected to be capable of, and willing to give a translation of what was said should you be asked. This is simply a matter of courtesy to your fellow players.