This has always been a tricky sort of thing to deal with. Generally speaking relationships aren't something that'd normally come up in a news file, but considering Macross as a theme creates love triangles like they're going out of style it's something we must touch base on. Simply put: Most anyone who'd even conceive of apping into Macross is likely over 18 anyways, as such we expect EVERYONE to behave like mature adults when it comes to these things. Admin will not step in with regards to people having IC relationship problems, period. The only time we'll become involved is if someone is OOCly spreading slanderous remarks (yes, yes, grammar Nazis we know it's technically liable in a text based environment) and we will not be kind in those situations. You're expected to be able to differentiate between yourself as a player and your character.

When it comes to OOC relationship problems between players it boils down to this: We as the general population do not give a damn about your relationship issues and we don't need your dirty laundry being aired constantly on public channels. If there's an issue take it to pages. If you are still unable to resolve things maturely then yes you can come to staff for aid, but don't expect us to necessarily take your side. This is not forbidding you from talking about RL problems or the like when seeking advice or support, but rather it is stating that if you try to start a mudslinging contest over such a trivial thing staff will most likely come down on you hard.


Another touchy issue for many MUs. In terms of sexual orientation the official position of the staff works out thusly: we don't give a shit. Seriously. Straight, Bi, Gay, whatever, you're you and we're not going to dictate anything on that front. The only front where a character's sexual orientation is pre-determined is in regards to FCs and OFCs. In those cases you'll be expected to play them as listed (I know many of you are heartbroken at not being able to have a Max X Basara X Ray love triangle). Otherwise for your own OC characters you can largely play them as you'd like (so long as they aren't changing their preferences like their underwear). On the same note post application gender bending isn't happening. No amount of arguments for current RL operations will change this stance.

Now, on the same vein let's touch on TSing (Tiny Sex or Cybersex for the uninitiated). We. Are. Not. A. Sex. MUSH. Period. That said, after much debate we will be allowing TSing in private locations under a few strict guidelines. First and foremost: The legal age is 18. Argue cultures all you want, but the server is in the US and the bulk of the admin staff is in some locale in North America. So, no, lolicon forbidden love will be off the menu thank-you very much. Now this does not apply solely to IC age but (duh) OOC age as well. If you're caught TSing with someone who's a minor (and believe us this is something we'd really not want to investigate *shudder*) there will be severe punishments handed out. More than likely you and your partner will both be permanently removed from the MUSH in this instance. Now in regards to doing the deed. The argument for why TSing was allowed was that in some cases it is sensible that shifting into that sort of RP makes sense for the scene and the characters involved. In short: it adds flavor. However that's all it will be: flavor. If it becomes the main course, or happens in a public place this ruling will be changing faster than you can say "I'm an emotionally constipated musician". Keep it secret. Keep it safe.