A race of amphibious humans hailing from the planet Ragna, Ragnans are typically good-natured and gregarious. Generally they are almost indistinguishable from humans save for the gills that run along their necks near the shoulders and also fins that extend from about the elbows. On land they are about as agile and physically capable as a human, however underwater they are able to extend retractable membranes around their digits and can propel themselves with incredible speed and agility. Being a tropical species Ragnans possess both a dark complexion and dark hair.

Ragnan architecture is very much akin to the former island nations on earth with houses either built on or near the water and many even opting to have fully functional house boats with personal sized pools of water indoors for sleeping. Like the Zolans before them the Ragnans possessed a comparatively primitive culture and technology base and were uplifted by the New UN government when their world was integrated. As a newly integrated world, Ragna has a heavy focus on tourism and it's not uncommon for unwary travellers to wind up being conned into purchasing various knickknacks they hadn't intended to. The Ragnans are also a very deeply spiritual people with much of their religion surrounding the planet's native jellyfish, believing the souls of the departed are reincarnated as one of these jellyfish, which possess both bioluminescence and a unique ability to fly out of the water during their mating season.

GM's Note: Ragnan ROCs can start with 6 Endurance by capping Spirit at 3.