On The Table Policy:

Most MUs tend to run around what can be called a "Secret Pigeon Council" mentality - to borrow a term from Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation. This sort of behavior is very easily picked out by MUs where the admin treat nearly anything and everything that's spoken on admin channels as being top secret and to repeat them off those channels is a "security leak" of such severity that the offender could wind up losing their admin bit. This mentality is spawned of a belief that to be generally open and honest with the player base will end in emo fits and general MUSH ending disaster. This has often put players and admin greatly at odds where it creates a massive Us vs. Them mentality and can leave players feeling very wary of admin in general.

Here at Macross we're hoping we can do the opposite of this situation. The On the Table Policy is meant to keep players more in the loop of what's going on with the MUSH. A player is well within their rights to ask an admin about the day to day goings on about the MUSH. Bear in mind, no staffer is obligated to answer under this policy, simply that they will not be penalized for it and are encouraged to keep an open dialogue with the players on the MUSH. There are some limitations to this, however. These limitations primarily center around disciplinary action taken with a player for whatever reason. This policy is not present to make you privy to someone's private affairs, just things that affect the MUSH and yourself. As well, things like character apps being waited on and TP applications do not fall under these areas. While you're not forbidden to ask about the status of an application, we do ask that you hold off for the allotted waiting period before inquiring. Some TPs may also be intentionally kept quiet for the sake of not spoiling the drama, though these will be at the TP runner's discretion.

It should be noted that if this does turn out to become some horrible mistake this policy will disappear rather quickly. So don't abuse it, please.