Macross: New Horizon TinyPlot Application

* All fields must be filled out. If you feel a question doesn't apply, use N/A.

* Any application submitted without the questions intact will be denied without review.

1) What is the name of your character you intend to use to run the TP?

2) Is this a TP suggestion or one you wish to run? Also, how major and obvious will these TP events be to the general playerbase not targetted?

3) What is your e-mail address?

4) What other players are to be involved in the running of this TP?

5) Do you request admin assistance? If so list a number you expect to be necessary. Also, if there's a specific Admin you wish to handle this, give a name (or names), however, do note we reserve the right to assign different admin. We also may adjust the number up or down.

6) Give a overview of the TP plot here. The more descriptive the better. Please include the foreseen locations for the main scenes of the TP, when possible.

7) What is the intended conclusion of the TP? A detailed explanation is preferred.

8) Who is the target audiance of the TP? Is it a specific faction (like the UN) or a specific job group (like pilots)?

9) What is the estimated duration of the TP? Try to give a loose timetable here. We know this probably won't be followed to the letter, but give your best guess.

10) What special requests do you have for the duration of this TP? (Special Powers, alien or major plot influence, stuff added to the grid, special TP enemies, new/adjusted powers for TP duration, etc) This field is ONLY for temporary things, anything permanent needs to go under question 12.

11) What is the purpose of this TP? Why do you want to run it?

12) When its all said and done, will there be any remaining items or ends from the TP? This includes powers or assets gained by PCs or even valuable samples captured by factions in general.

13) Include anything else you think should be said here.

Alright! You're done. Now submit it to with the subject of <name> TP App. Please allow 2 weeks for reply before proding a TP Admin.