The last race to be uplifted by the Protoculture (according to their own research), Windermerians are natives of the planet Windermere IV. At a glance they could pass for completely human, however they do bear one difference in outward appearance. Windmerians possess prehensile extensions on their hair called "runes". Males possess two, typically framing their face, the end of the extensions shaped as a star. Female Windermerians meanwhile have a single heart-shaped rune that is normally about the forehead. A Windermerian's rune can flash different colors and glow brightly depending on their mood, although most adults are expected to control this behavior.

Another notable trait is Windermerians naturally possess an exceptionally high number of Fold Receptors, enabling their singers to produce a very high amount of Fold Waves (previously dubbed Sound Energy by Dr. Chiba). This trait also allows them to "see" the "wind" about them, likely perceiving changes in fold waves. Windermerians also have a considerably shorter lifespan than humans. Most do not live past the age of 30, by which point their bodies all but literally begin to fall apart, developing cracks and withering away.

Windermerian society centers around a monarchy that is generally adored by the populace. The elite guard of this monarchy being the Aerial Knights. Currently Windermere is embroiled in a civil war on their own planet as they attempt to excise the New UN Government from their territory. As a result it is exceedingly rare to see any Windermerians away from their native soil.

GM's Note: Windermerian ROCs can start with a 6 in Spirit by capping Endurance at 3.