Stat Values

For Stats and Skills on Macross we've adopted (what we hope is) a simple system that works on a 0-10 scale that we'll outline below. All of your base stats and skills get measured by the same values to make it easier to keep track of.

0 - You know nothing in this field or can't do something. If it's a stat you're either an invalid or a vegetable.
1 - The most basic understanding of something, this is generally in the realm of "common knowledge".
2 - A more thorough education on the matter, typically early high school, etc.
3 - This'd fall into the area of senior high school level. You've a reasonable idea of how something works, but you aren't too good at it. This is the lowest we'll generally allow a primary stat to be.
4 - Starting post secondary, apprenticeship, etc. You're almost to the point you could make a career of whatever you do in this field. For stats this is just below average.
5 - Welcome to average land. You're skilled enough to do what you do for a career. This is the starting cap for Rookie OCs in general, and is the level that most NPCs and background characters can be assumed to be at.
6 - You're starting to come into your own, but you've not fully broken away from the pack yet. You're basically a really good gumbie.
7 - Starting point for Ace Status. Your abilities exceed that of the rank and file and you're able to pull things off that separate you from the rest.
8 - High Ace level. This is the level most named chars show up in their respective fields. This is the max you can achieve under normal circumstances. (Typical Cut-off point for Established OCs)
9 - Elite. These people are truly exceptional, a very small portion of the population can achieve this level. You can pull of some fairly mind-boggling feats at times. Most main characters from the canon series are about this level.
10 - Genius. There's no other word for it. You've taken what you do (even if it's plumbing) to a completely new level and are largely unparalleled in your field. This is where people like Max Jenius weigh in.

The bulk of the player-base will be able to get at least one skill/stat at rank 8 with several at rank 7, however rank 9 and 10 stats/skills will be strictly regulated. People with a rank 10 ability are considered so specialized in that area that they can only ever have one skill or stat at 10. Full details can be found under "Upgrades"

Limits for core stats are as follows:
Pilots: Between Dexterity, Endurance, Piloting, and Gunnery you're limited to 34 points total
Ship Captains: Same as above, except replacing Piloting and Gunnery for Starship Operations and Intelligence
Hybrid Mechanic/Pilots: 40 points total between Intelligence, Endurance, Dexterity, Piloting, Gunnery and Mechanical. Also Piloting and Gunnery cannot exceed 6 and Mechanical cannot exceed 8
Hybrid Performer/Pilots: 105 points due to the large skillset required. Piloting, Gunnery, Dexterity and Enducance cannot exceed 8.

Lastly the absolute cap for total points a character can have between stats and skills is 180, however characters with this many points allocated will be exceedingly rare.