An important note to new players: While we do allow your alt characters to be in any faction of your choosing including NPCs, at application your first character must be applied into the New UN Spacy.


Civilians make up the bulk of the UN populace. During the time of Space War I it was the discovery of plain, ordinary civilian life that originally won the Zentradi over to humanity's side. Civilians are also the most diverse group in Macross. Civilians can be anything from farmers, to computer techs. Crooks to cops. As well, with only a few exceptions (such as Sound Force) any and all singers are civilian, and within Macross singers are arguably just as important, if not more so, than the most notable military officer. Civilians also enjoy a great many freedoms, able to go just about wherever they please so long as the space lanes are open. Within the colony fleet civilian life goes about much as it does on Earth thanks to the numerous amenities in place on colony fleets. Most civilians will find themselves living within the central city vessel of the Horizon fleet, however some, such as the Zentradi residents may choose to live in one of the peripheral island vessels attached to the main ship where they are allowed to roam about at their full size and have accommodations to match.

New UN Military

The UN Military has been Earth's first and last line of defense since the end of the Unification Wars. The UN forces are broken into several branches, with the UN Spacy being the most famous. While the UN Military, Air force, and Navy are primarily focused on terrestrial defenses both on Earth as well as other worlds, the UN Spacy and UN Space Marines are the forces typically deployed to actual space fleets. The UN Spacy is the organization that handles any and all space fleet activity, including both capital ships as well as space-based VF squadrons. The UNSM meanwhile function as the infantry for the UN Spacy. In 2056 after the Lactence conflict that nearly saw a coup d'etat on Earth, as well as the battle for the Terminus fold gun where Genesis attempted to destroy Earth entirely via a Dimension Eater shell dramatic restructures were called for across all branches of the UN government. The reformed New UN government saw Earth relinquishing its direct control over the other colony worlds, turning each colony into its own city state of sorts while still able to obtain aid from the larger New UN forces in times of great need.

Due to the numerous conflicts that Horizon has weathered in its past the fleet is more willing to provide proper funding to its military, which along with a fleet full of veteran soldiers makes it less of a haven for PMCs than other fleets. On the Horizon colony the NUNSM has also been recently graced with the revival of the Destroid unit, a non-transformable mecha that is ideally suited for both point defense as well as defending areas within the city where it is more difficult for a VF to operate. As the MUSH's focus is around the Horizon colony anyone apping into the NUN Military as a long term character will be either a member of the New UN Spacy or the NUNSM corps. While there are numerous ships defending the Horizon fleet, the fleet's flagship is the immense, 1.6km long "Battle Horizon" - a New Macross class battle carrier. This serves as the colony�s first line of defense, followed closely by Millard NUNS Base located planetside on Aurorae.


While there is no doubt that the New UN Spacy is the biggest game in town there are many others present and looking for their own ways to eke out a living in this sector of space


An up and coming PMC. Paragon took over joint operations with the NUNS in the Providence system in 2060 after SMS elected to not renew their contracts. The relative stability of the Providence system at the time and the escalating conflict with the Frontier colony and later Ouroboros meant SMS needed to direct their forces to where they could be better used and thus maximize their earnings. While this meant that Paragon would not have much in the way of large scale military contracts they were able to start making a name for themselves by providing shipping escort to dissuade the local pirates that would operate outside of the NUNS patrol zones. Well-funded for their size, Paragon takes full advantage of their smaller force to ensure they are well stocked, well-equipped and well-trained. There is little doubt that they could become a true force to be reckoned with if they can acquire more lucrative contracts.


Yarr! Avast and prepare to be boarded ....or something like that! ....Arr! This would be the group(s) for those who want to be the thugs of the Galaxy. Pirates aren't much different in 2051 than what they were centuries ago on Earth. They typically operate from only one or two small to medium ships, able to quickly move in and attack unsuspecting and unguarded civilian traffic while they are making course corrections or before they are in range of a planet's defensive network. You won't find any buried treasure with these scurvy dogs, though. Anything that can't be used is sold, and it just so happens that as this is an area that's largely off the maps it's been a perfect locale for Pirates to setup a central hub of sorts called King's Ransom for all their illicit activities and black market needs. The most famous pirate in this sector is Captain Mathias Chagril who commands a modified Guatanimo Class Stealth Carrier - The Siren's Song. Rumor has it that the ship is able to momentarily fake a planet's gravity well and force any nearby vessels out of Fold Space, leaving them ripe for the picking.


Only a smidge better than Pirates. Mercenaries are soldiers for hire to the highest bidder. Mercenaries are often ex-soldiers, or cast-out Zentradi who are very keen on using their skills to make a quick buck, or simply profit from a good fight. Mercenaries don't typically have standard equipment from one to the other, each one choosing their gear based on their fighting style (and level of income). As Mercenaries can and will literally contract out to anyone who pays enough they are stuck with a unique problem: if they help one side over the other too much, or do something overly nasty that the other side doesn't like they run the risk of losing a large chunk of potential contacts. This means Mercs who aren't looking to directly ally with one side or another needs to pick their jobs very carefully. Mercenaries in this sector of space are normally operating out of King's Ransom where they have access to the Hunter's Guild that supplies all of its associated mercenaries with situation updates and contract opportunities from all sides. The Hunter's Guild operates solely as an intermediary and thus isn't responsible for the actions of its associated mercs. Like e-bay but with battleships and robots instead of your grandma's old plate collection.


Dawnbreaker (Defunct)

Originally Dawnbreaker had been a group of guerilla fighters who had been seeking to encourage large policy changes in the UN government through force of arms, however when in late 2055 they actually succeeded to hijack Horizon City from the UN while their forces were committed with a different threat only to learn that even taking a New Macross colony ship wasn't making big enough waves, ultimately having the opposite of their desired outcome; Schism, and by extension Dawnbreaker made extensive changes to their MO. The previous Commodore, Gesinski Kyer, was recalled back to the Schism fleet to answer for losing Horizon City back to the UN and a new Commodore, Ayame Bright, was promoted to the position of Dawnbreaker's fleet commander. With a number of hostage actions and even an attempted coup d'etat on Earth not only failing to change policies, but in some instances making them worse Schism sought to take and hold as much territory as it can manage, to gain enough of a political following to stand up to the New UN not as mere dissidents and insurgents but as a nation unto themselves and Dawnbreaker will play a pivotal role in these plans. In 2056 Dawnbreaker revealed the existence of the Terminus, a super weapon that was hoped to help cement their position, instead it would prove to be their downfall and since then nearly all members of Dawnbreaker have been arrested. Many who played more minor roles were acquitted while those who were higher up in the organization or active combatants were either imprisoned or given the option to serve out their sentence within the New UN Spacy. Naturally for an organization this large many slipped through the cracks, however.

Genesis (NPC)

A splinter group of the main Anti-UN cell operating near Horizon, Genesis was headed up by a man known only as Noah. Where the bulk of the Anti-UN was opposing the New UN government due to either personal demons or the otherwise desire to depose the current government those who operated directly with Noah are largely a group of mad dogs simply out to see the world burn. The Dawnbreaker would have preferred simply get rid Noah if it weren't for the fact that while they had other backers, Noah himself was one of the major financiers for Dawnbreaker. As a result his little pack of mad dogs enjoyed a certain amount of immunity. Dawnbreaker's decision to not remove Noah cost them dearly when Genesis took over control of the Terminus in 2056 and attempted to destroy Earth. As Noah and Genesis were situated within the Terminus during its destruction it is assumed that the group did not survive the conflict.