1) Read the disclaimer first. It contains all the legal end so we (hopefully) don't get sued for this place, along with everything you agree to when you connect here as a player. If you don't agree with the contents of the disclaimer you are free to disconnect from the MUSH, or be @booted promptly.

2) Have fun. Call it a game, call it an interactive story, call it a writing experiment. Call it whatever you want, ultimately everyone who connects here is doing so to relax and generally have a good time, so be sure you do as well - so long as it isn't at the OOC expense of others.

3) RP is consensual. What does this mean? In general you have to consent for anything to happen to your character. In a more detailed sense: you have a measure of control to the permanent consequences your character faces. Generally they cannot wind up a cripple from losing a fight unless you wish it to be so. Bear in mind this doesn't absolve you of IC consequence. If you insult, attack, heckle someone ICly, be prepared to face the reaction in turn. CONSENT MAY ALSO BE REVOKED, however this only can occur at staff discretion and normally is only reserved for if you do something really, REALLY stupid...so don't.

4) Be accountable OOC. This is the internet, anything you say or do is likely to get out at some point. Don't bother trying to hide it as doing so will be frowned on far worse than you coming forwards with it and are willing to rectify it. Simply put: don't say or do something you'd not do in public IRL, or that you can't/won't back up with reasonable cause.

5) Treat others OOCly with respect. Again: this is the internet and it has a habit of turning people into asshats. In general we won't stand for that here, if you can't bring something up politely and respectfully then keep your trap shut until you can. If you feel it's something of dire importance, but cannot find the needed words you can submit a feedback or ask staff to mediate. This service is provided at staff's discretion, and we'll likely be looking for logs and all that other fun stuff. In short: play nice with the other kids, it makes all our lives easier.

6) Do not harass others. Constantly pestering people, giving them a hard time, stalking them, etc. is something that will be met with zero tolerance. If someone asks you to leave them alone, do so. Do not give them a hard time about it, just comply. If someone reports being harassed and has the logs to back it up, the offending player will be subject to the appropriate consequences, which ranges anywhere from getting a talking to from staff, to outright losing their character and all that comes between. Similarly, using this game as a means to organize attacks on other sites/people off site will be met with even less tolerance for such a clearly malicious act. Don't be an e-terrorist.

7) Do not try to compromise the server security of this game or any other site. There are a number of places that endorse and encourage doing such things. We're not one of them. Do not try to exploit bugs, or otherwise break the game. As well do not give out your password, or try to obtain another player's password. Those things are for your eyes only and for your security. Like with harassment: do not attempt to use this place for instigating any attacks against other sites (hacking, DDOS, etc.). These offenses will be met with an immediate siteban, no exceptions.

8) Headwiz has final say. Xeero is the creator for this game and with him lies the ultimate ability to pass or veto any idea, ruling, etc. He has the ability to make exceptions to just about anything on this game. The admin he selects also wield this capability, albeit to a lesser extent, so you should listen to them if they say something or put their foot down.

9) Follow the spirit of the rules, not the letter. Players often get too literal minded when it comes to rulings. What matters most is the spirit of the ruling, the why behind its creation, not feverishly adhering to every last word in it. However, don't expect this to come to your defence when you break a ruling.

10) You are not the MUSH Police (TM). A healthy community is able to police itself without formal enforcement to a certain extent. In that spirit, every player is empowered to RESPECTFULLY bring up issue if someone seems to be violating a ruling, doing something unfair, etc. This does not give you carte blanche to argue the problem or to constantly nag on your fellow players. Doing so would be a violation of rules 2, 5 and 6, which will promptly cause all rule-mongers to implode.

11) Exceptions happen. On occasion it's going to happen: we get a really good idea from a trustworthy player that requires we bend or compromise a previously stated ruling. Understand these exceptions will not be made lightly. Moreover, if similar exceptions are made too often (a total of three times) the rule will be rewritten so that the exception now applies to the rest of the MUSH, as we had obviously made a mistake in our original idea. EVERY CHANGE WILL BE DOCUMENTED. These documented changes will be placed at the bottom of the edited file, showing the date, what has changed, and possibly why it was changed.

12) Nobody is above the rules. Nobody, not even Xeero is allowed to outright break the rules here. This applies to both the written rules the MUSH follows as well as the general spirit of fair play. While trusted players may be granted what may be considered riskier things, they are still required to operate by the same tenets as everyone else. If something occurs to make you feel otherwise about this, do not hesitate to log it and bring it up with an admin.