Every major organization has a rank system setup to determine the pecking order as well as to get a rough idea of how good someone is. The following files will help break down each organization's ranks and the basic privileges that they entail.

UN and AUN share the same ranking structure due to the similar nature of how they're setup. It's essentially a naval ranking system and breaks down as follows: (Note: Due to IC circumstances the facheads of the UN and AUN do not have the top spot for actual ranks. Save for very rare circumstances it's unlikely to see any rank past Commodore given to an actual player and will typically be reserved for NPCs)

Rear-Admiral					- NPC officer ranks start here. Used typically for plot purposes.
Captain						- Can command a vessel or similarly large force. In this tier assignment 
							trumps rank (A fleet commander may only be ranked a captain but they have 
 							command over all others within that fleet regardless of rank)
Lt. Commander        
Lieutenant					- Can command a moderate sized squad. A few dozen troops or a 3 ship VF unit
Lieutenant JG         
Ensign						- Max starting rank for Rookie OCs (pilots and bridge crew only)
Warrant Officer 1st     		
Warrant Officer 2nd   
Senior Chief Petty Officer    
Chief Petty Officer				- Max starting rank for any NCO characters (ship's crew, engineers, soldiers, etc.)
Petty Officer 1st            
Petty Officer 2nd         
Petty Officer 3rd            
Crewman 1st              
Crewman 2nd               
Crewman 3rd             

Mercenaries are meanwhile ranked by mission performance. A Merc's performance rating goes up based upon how well they complete any given criteria of a mission (minimizing casualties, keeping costs down, etc.). Individual mission performance contributes to a Merc's overall mission ranking which opens them up to higher paying (and more dangerous) missions. Higher tier jobs may also enter a Merc into long-term contracts with a specific faction so these are things they'll want to bear in mind.

President 					- Reserved for Mercenary Fachead
SS Rank 					- Nigh legendary skills and accomplisments. Able to lead entire armies, 
							or able to handle themselves exceptionally well and come out on top even 
							when vastly outnumbered.
S Rank
A Rank 						- High importance missions, also often in command of large groups of friendly 
							units. These people have turned the tide of battles even if it was never 
							publicly acknowledged
B Rank
C Rank 						- Able to take on medium importance missions, attacking supply lines, etc.
D Rank
E Rank
F Rank 						- Starting Rank for all Rookie Merks

Pirates are typically a disorganized lot. Most cases one doesn't have so much a rank as how far up they can scrape on the pecking order without getting eaten by the bigger fish. As a result Pirates are handled a bit more loosely, largely thanks to outside of OOC and certain IC circumstances each ship is essentially a miniature faction unto itself.

Pirate Lord					- Reserved for Pirate Fachead
Captain						- Captain of any given pirate ship, their authority only extends to their ship.
First Mate 					- Captain's XO, right hand man. Fulfils the captain's duties if they are unable
Crewman 					- Rank and file member of the pirate crew. They fill out most jobs from gunners 
							to helmsmen to pilots. Individual exploits determin where you stand on the pecking order here.
Swabbie 					- New recruits, lowest on the food chain. Normally given the most menial tasks to 
							complete until they prove themselves.

Civilian's largely don't have any rank structure at all. Only exceptions to these would be within things like civil services. As a result we'll be handling Civilian ranks as they come up. Currently there's only one Civilian rank that we need to address right from the get go and that is:

Mayor						- Reserved for Civilian Fachead.