In order to give a better handle on where your character sits financially we've setup a simple economy system to provide a basic measuring stick for you. While there's no coded cash or such this system is what will dictate what you can buy, both in the RPed sense and in any coded system we setup.

The system goes on a simple 0-10 scale.

	0 - you have no income what so ever, even a bum on the street sees more money than you do.
	1 - Roughly the equivalent of a kid's allowance or lunch money.
	3 - Minimum wage job. Barely enough to get by if you work full time.
	4 - Low middle class. Most entry level career jobs. Non-commissioned military jobs start here.
	5 - High middle class. Most officers (ie. pilots) will start around here.
	6 - "Well Off". People who've got enough income to live relatively comfortably. Higher ranked 
		military careers will be around here. Can even buy vintage and decommissioned mecha.
	8 - Rich. You've got a LOT of money. Either you invested very well or you're likely a celebrity 
		of some sort. CEOs of companies will fall in around here.
	10 - Stupid Filthy Rich. Seriously, HOW did you get this much money?  Someone with a 10 in wealth 
		can easily finance the operation of a full scale fleet and possibly even a colony operation. 
		10 wealth usually implies the ability to bring the full wealth of a mega-corporation to bear, 
		not individual finances.
Wealth cannot be upgraded via nominations. It can only be applied for, and of course you'll be asked to back up why your character is getting the upgrade. That's about it!