Imporant note for new applicants

We now have an example application up on the Horizon Wiki. We strongly urge you to go take a look at it before submitting your own application.

Furthermore, in an effort to fill out our main faction with as many active players as possible we're limiting new applicants to the New UN Spacy for their first characters. If you're active with your first character, subsequent alt-characters can be entered into other factions.

The usual pre-app goodness:

-Before you submit an application it's fully expected that you have gone through all the mandatory files (Rules, Disclaimer, Character Types, and Faction Info). If you haven't go and do so now, as once you're on the grid ignorance of those files aren't an excuse.

-Make sure to include the original application questions with your app to speed along processing. An app may be rejected if this step is skipped.

-Spelling is important. Seriously, folks. It's the modern age, if you can't be bothered to even at least run your work through a spell checker we may have a problem. :P

-Be concise, yet detailed. You're making the skeleton of your character here, give us enough to show you've thought all the major points through, but we don't need all the tiny intricacies of their best friend's, father's, cousin's, uncle's, step-mom's, grandfather's former roommate. :P

-We reserve the right to reject any application for any reason. If an application is flat out rejected, not simply returned for edits, then it means that avenue for that character concept is closed. Please do not pursue that concept further as it'll likely only mean any other attempts will be similarly rejected.

-Please wait at least 7 days before inquiring to an admin about the status of an application. Generally processing an individual character doesn't take overly long, but other factors including staff workloads and real life all affect turnaround times.

Alright, the unpleasant harsh stuff done, let's move onto why we're actually here!

Allow me to introduce my selves:

1a. What is your real name, or more commonly known online alias. As well, how old are you? (any and all personal information will be kept confidential. Admin will never ask for your SIN or Bank Account number...though if you'd like to volunteer it...) - Existing players need only give us their existing alts.

1b. Have you ever role-played online in the past (MU*, Forum, MMO)? If so please share your more prominent characters and where they're from. - This section is for new applicants only

1c. What is your e-mail address?

1d. Macross: New Horizon operates off consent-based role-play. Please tell us what you believe consent based RP to be. - This section is for new applicants only

1e. How did you find out about us? Optional, but we like to know who to send the bonus recruitment checks to. *sagenod* - This section is for new applicants only

1f. What is the land speed velocity of an unladen Gyararashi?

Basic Training

2) What type of character are you applying for? FC, OFC, Established OC, or Rookie OC? (in case you missed it, FCs and OFCs are generally held to slightly higher standards due to their high profile, high demand nature.). New applicants may only apply for Rookie or Established characters.

3) Fill in the following fields. These fields are set on your character at creation so they all need to be filled out!

Name: Your character's name

Date of Birth: When was your character born? (Season 2 started in 2015 with the IC year of 2061. The game advances 1 year IC time for 1 year RL time, use this to determine your character's DOB.)

Race: What species is your character? Human, Zentran/Meltran, Zolan, some hybrid of two of the three?

Gender: Do we really need to explain this one?

Faction: What faction does your character belong to? (New UN Spacy, Mercenary, Pirate, Civilian, etc. - See here for more info. )

Function: What does your character do? Pilot, Ship Captain, Doctor, Asshole rock star (yes we're looking at you Basara!)

Rank: What is your character's rank? (if applicable)

Wealth: Indicate what wealth rating you'd like your character to have as explained in Economy. Anything over 5 will need a decent amount of justification

Quote: Give us a quote your character is likely to use, just a simple tag-line to sum them up. see: "Listen to my song!"

Profile: Give us a paragraph about your character. Their profile should contain a very brief history as well as a couple points about their personality. This should be a one paragraph summary of your character's personality and history sections and should only be info that would be commonly available. Save your major revelations for RP!

Sure she might be something to look at, but no heart.

4) Tell us about your character's personality. What makes them who they are, their general mannerisms, their outlook on life in space, how they view other factions/races and all that juicy stuff. Also tell us why you feel that others would want to RP with your character in particular. OCs generally only need one paragraph to fill in this section, but more is welcome!

5) Explain your character's history to us. What got them started doing what they're doing, why did they come out to the butt-end of nowhere to join the Horizon Fleet. OCs largely have free reign so long as they stick within Macross canon. FCs need to remain accurate to their canon-stated history, the only deviation allowed is that critical reason of "why are they on Horizon?". OFCs need only remain within the bounds of the profile info we've been so kind to provide you. :P As with personality, Rookie OCs only need a single paragraph. Established OCs, OFCs and FCs should provide a minimum of two paragraphs.

6) Optional: Do you have a long-term plan for your character? This isn't something you absolutely must share, but if you've some manner of intended outcome to happen for your character down the road (aside from "being the best <blah> in the colony fleet!") then telling us now will make it easier for the admin to either help you work towards that goal, or adjust it to clear up any conflicts with existing theme, etc.

"Luck is one of my skills." "I know, that's what's got me so worried."

7) Now for the tricky part. Time to pick out your starting Stats and Skills. There is one theme you're going to see over and over here: be reasonable. While we don't have hard-set point totals there are some basic limitations please observe them. Admin have final say on this area, the more discretion you show the more likely we are to not change what you request. If you haven't yet you should read the Stats Breakdown and Stats Value sections to ensure you understand what you're requesting.

You should also be familiar with the info for the race you are looking to apply for(Humans, Zentradi, Zolans, Ragnan, Voldorian, Windermerian)

-Generally speaking most characters will have somewhere around 20-25 skills in addition to your Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Intelligence and Spirit stats.

-Luck is determined via random chance at application, so do not provide a value for this when defining your other 5 main physical stats

Established OCs - You have the most flexibility here so long as you don't try to cap out every single ability. The maximum you can request for any one given stat/skill at this time is 8. Bear in mind: if you want to "dual class" and specialize in two fields, you need to determine which one is favored over the other or have both fields be fairly mediocre if neither is a true focus. Your secondary focus cannot exceed 6. Ex. Pilot/Mechanic combinations have to decide between Piloting or Mechanical for which skill cannot go past 6. The absolute limit is 160 points across all stats and skills not including Luck. Also bear in mind you are not guaranteed this level. Factors including but not limited to application quality, character suitability and so forth all determine how much staff will entrust an EOC with at application.

OFCs - Your primary and secondary skills are already determined. You can, however, select tertiary skills to add a personal touch to your chosen character up to a 180 point limit.

FCs - Pick what reasonably reflects your character's abilities. For instance: while Max might warrant a 10 in piloting, Hikaru Ichijo does not. Again the 180 point limit applies.

Rookie OCs - You're a bit more limited currently.

-For physical stats: Humans are allowed one attribute at 5 while the remainder have a max of 4.
-Zentradi can start with a maximum of 6 Strength by capping Intelligence at 3.
-Zolans can start with a maximum of 6 Spirit by capping Strength at 3.
-Ragnans can start with 6 Endurance by capping Spirit at 3.
-Voldorians can start with 6 Dexterity by capping Strength at 3.
-Windermerians can start with a 6 in Spirit by capping Endurance at 3.

-Rookie OCs may pick two skills to place at Rank 5, you can select five skills to be at Rank 4, skills Rank 3 and under currently don't have a hard limit to what you can request and should reflect your character's abilities/education. Bear in mind if you do not take any skills in things such as running/climbing, etc. you are stating your character has no idea how to run properly at all, bear this in mind when filling out your skills.

8) OFCs and FCs: Please include a sample pose for your character. Keep it no more than two paragraphs in length and not a combat pose. We like depth of character outside of battle as well y'know! :P

The extra stuff

9) If you require specialty equipment of some manner please list it here. VFs, a new room added to the grid (not player housing), etc. Note on Vehicles: If you request a vehicle that we don't already have a stat profile for you'll be expected to provide one. Admin have the right to edit or even outright refuse the profile you provide if it's deemed too outlandish or not fitting for the machine. Good vehicle profiles can be found at . Currently full blown custom VFs are not allowed at application.

10) If there's anything else about your character you'd like to add, please put it here.

And that's it! You're done! Finito! Complete! Mail your completed application to and use the following subject: "Macross Character Application - <Character Name> - (R/E)OC/FC/OFC". Once again, please wait up to seven days for your application to be processed before poking staff regarding it.