A race of humanoid felines from the planet Voldor. Voldorians have an appearance largely similar to humans with the exception that they do possess feline ears, tails and also their fingernails are hardened into sharp claws that can be used both for defense and also for more constructive purposes. Voldorians also can develop different physical traits with some having their feline ears growing from the sides of their heads in a similar position to a humans while others have them poke out the tops of their heads more like a felines. It's currently unknown why this difference in phenotypes exist.

Much like Ragnans, Voldorians are an affable people that have a more tribal culture. Nearly all Voldorians sport tribal paint markings on their faces and their cities are fairly small with their home world's primary exports being water, lumber and apples. Voldorians are no pacifists, however, and since joining the New UN government a fair number have joined the ranks of the NUNS and even become distinguished soldiers, a career which is certainly well suited to their agility, heightened senses and in-built weapons.

GM's Note: Voldorian ROCs can start with 6 Dexterity by capping Strength at 3.