New UN Spacy:

Starting equipment for Rookie OCs in the NUNS is pretty straightforward. New UN Spacy Pilots get a good old fashioned VF-171 Nightmare Plus to see them through their starting period. Once they reach Ace status they'll have much more freedom on that front, able to pick (within reason) any canonly available craft. NUNSM characters who take up a mecha will be able to choose between either a VF-171, or the Cheyenne II Destroid. UN Rookie OCs cannot command a capital ship at the outset, but can function as bridge crew on an existing vessel.


Pirate and Mercenary Rookie pilots will be able to use any Rookie level machine. As with all other factions, upon achieving Ace status Rookie pilots will be able to upgrade to any craft canonly available they wish that is within reason. Rookie Independants like everyone else cannot have a capital ship from the outset


Generally speaking the only crafts that should be available to civilians will be either the VT-1C commercial Valkyrie, or decommissioned and disarmed destroids. Ex military personnel may also possess an old and fully functional VF or Destroid, but this will be evaluated on a case by case basis.