Okay, seriously. Do we /really/ have to get into this? Look down at yourself. See that? No not your bellybutton, but that there is a human or at least the lower half of one. You might need a mirror to see the rest. Humans are pretty much as advertised....however in this case Darwin was wrong, though admittedly so were the creationists. So they're both losers.

Humans in Macross are one of the products of the Protoculture's genetic engineering and after a the holocaust that largely wiped out their creators, humanity was doomed to obscurity to float on some rock in a distant corner of space (Earth, if you've not caught on yet.) This changed, however when a Supervision Army Gunboat crashed on the fledgling planet in 1999 A.D. After the brutal Unification Wars, humans were just about ready to take to space when they had their first real encounter with an alien race, and were almost subsequently wiped out by it during the ensuing Space War I.

Almost a full 40 years after this conflict the remnants of humanity have taken to space and have spread marvellously. Now largely working alongside their Zentradi cousins humanity has colonized numerous worlds and even uncovered some relics of their ancient creators. One of the most interesting tidbits is that given the scant number of survivors from Space War I (only a few hundred thousand), most of the human race that exists now is or is a descendant of a clone of one of the survivors of the final moments of that war. Naturally there has also been cross-breeding with the Zentradi that have integrated themselves into human society, but due to the nature of Zentradi DNA, half-breeds will almost exclusively show pureblood Zentradi traits to them, masking their human traits.

Pure humans are effectively the universe's all-rounders. Most start off with equal potential to excel in any given area should they apply themselves enough, though ultimately the effort required typically drives them solely into one area of specialization with others serving to support that. (Think like a slightly more useful Swiss army knife).