Upgrades! Upgrades! Upgrades! Where da real headaches on the MU are made!

....Okay not QUITE headaches but these often do become something of a fixation for some. Generally speaking Macross is more about one's growth as a character than simply ramping up high stats. That said though, we all know that people like to have more tangible growths. Upgrading on here happens in one of two flavors, but they both hinge on the same two criteria: nominations and applications.

Nominations are effectively the "currency" for your character to be upgraded. During a period of two weeks you will be allotted a limited number of nominations to be awarded to your fellow players. Nominations are given to those who you feel have done something really impressive in RP. A nomination point is a way of showing “Hey! I really like what this person did!” and you are never entitled to receive them. They are as much a measure of your contributions to the game as they are for upgrading. You may only nominate any given character once per scene and you have 7 points total to give out every 2 weeks. So choose wisely. It should also go without saying that nominating your own alts is a major no-no and staff will hang you from the MU flagpole by your underwear if we catch you pulling something stupid like that.

From here once you've gotten enough nomination points for the type of upgrade you'd like to do, you'll be able to fire off an application for it. There are two types of upgrades: Standard and Plot Based, which we will outline below.

Standard Upgrade

Currently this requires a minimum of 12 nomination points in your “Current Nominations” section of your +sheet to send off an app. Standard upgrades are strictly for Rookie OCs. They are a simpler sort of application that allows you to raise several skills and a single stat by one point each. A standard upgrade can bring a character to a maximum of 8 for any given stat/skill. However, this is just the potential to achieve an 8. The bulk of the playerbase can expect to be capped around the 7 range for most stats/skills. As far as the actual amounts you can change things by: You can upgrade any existing skill up to 5 for 1 point for one nomination point per level. To upgrade a skill above 5 the cost increases to three nomination points per level. Stats may be increased for 2 nomination points per level. Luck can be increased only up to 6 at the cost of 4 nominations per level. If you wish to obtain a new skill (starting at level 1), it will set you back two nomination points. You may spend more or less than the 12 points mentioned above, but in order to submit an upgrade app you must have those 12 points in your current total. Any unused points will carry over. Upgrades may be done every two weeks if you have the requisite nomination points.

Plot Based Upgrade

This is effectively "the big one". With the exception of FCs (and most OFCs), every character is entitled to one, and only one plot based upgrade. It also requires a total of 25 nomination points to request it. Plot based upgrades are something that functions as a "defining moment" for your character. It marks a major change in their profession, or getting substantially better at what they do. Some canon examples of these are Hikaru Ichijo joining the military and learning to be a soldier as well as a combat pilot, or Basara developing his Spirtia abilities (and gaining the required equipment). Plot based upgrades can be stats as well as key items/equipment/resources for the character. Generally speaking you won't have to blow a plot upgrade to get transferred to an elite unit once your character has acquired the skill, not unless they're obtaining a one of a kind craft (ie. VF-19 Kai). Plot based upgrades allow you to expand your character into different territories, as well as expand on their current abilities. As the name suggests it will require some story behind it. Be it a full blown TP, or simply a series of training/practice RPs we need a reason for your character to experience this massive shift. Please bear in mind that if you have ANY aspirations to attempting to obtain a 9 or 10 point skill/stat for your character that final push MUST be done via a plot-based application and the stat(s) you wish to upgrade to 9 or 10 must be already at level 8. That said, as is explained in News Stats, people with 10's in any given field will be rare and will take a fair deal of justification for obtaining it. There are similar limitations to obtaining 9s, but among other things we are more willing to allow someone to have 9s in multiple fields whereas someone with a 10 can have that in only one field. Regardless these are the upper echelons and we're like to ensure there's a genuine feeling of accomplishment to those who do obtain it. Plot upgrades are the only time you can upgrade multiple stats and skills by multiple levels.

Also: Don't stress if you're RPing like mad and it’s taking forever to build up nomination points. The nomination point requirements are going to be adjusted as dictated by the size and activity of the player-base. Generally speaking we'd like to see a Rookie OC be able to fire off a standard upgrade within their first month to month-and-a-half of having their character. :)

Standard Upgrade Form

To apply for a standard upgrade is pretty straight forwards. Simply copy the form below and send it to macrossmu@gmail.com with the subject "Standard Upgrade - <Player Name>"

1) Are there any changes you wish to make to your profile information? If so list them here:

2) Which Stat would you like to upgrade, if any?:

3) Which skill(s) would you like to upgrade?:

4) Are there any new skills you wish to obtain? (note they will start at 1 point):

5) What reason is there for these stats and skills to be upgraded? You don't need to get terribly specific on this unless you're aiming to pickup totally new skills, or upgrade a skill/stat past the 7 point mark.

That's it! You're done! Admin will check your nominations to ensure there's enough points and everything adds up. Standard upgrades should only take about a week or so, so please don't bug a staffer until the full 7 days have passed to remind us. Be sure to copy the entire form, questions and all, in with your application.

Plot Upgrade Form

Applying for a Plot Based upgrade is much the same albeit a little more in depth in terms of the information you'll be expected to provide.

1) Are there any changes you wish to make to your profile information? If so list them here:

2) Which Stat would you like to upgrade, if any?:

3) Which skill(s) would you like to upgrade? If you wish to upgrade a skill by 2 points please mark it as such:

4) Are there any new skills you wish to obtain? (note they cannot be any higher than 5 points at this time):

5) What reason is there for these stats and skills to be upgraded? This time you're going to want to give plenty of reasoning, especially if you're looking to shift direction for your character or make for a more substantial stat upgrade.

6) What sequence of events will occur for your character to obtain this upgrade? Is there going to be a TP involved? If so please ensure the TP application has also been submitted for review.

7) Will there be any unique equipment your character will be obtaining? If so please provide as much detail as possible. If it is a weapon or a VF please provide the stats you would like to see on them for the admin to consider it (Note: as of this time we are not allowing fully OC craft designs. This WILL change but for now you are only able to request a customized, but currently existing craft at best).

8) How will this upgrade enhance your RP with others? Will there be plenty of people involved in the process of your character being upgraded or such?

And yet again you're finished. Plot based upgrades are allotted 14 days to be processed, especially if there is a full TP involved in them. So same deal as with the standard upgrade, please wait the full term before speaking with a staffer.